The new energy product " GPS Solar Tracker" appeared in the global sources Consumer Electronics

Warmly celebrated the success of Quwei(Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., on global sources Electronics in October 2017.
The exhibition mainly showed the main push products of company - GPS Solar Tracker. This product was a solar-powered positioning device that could be used for positioning outdoor unattended device without manual charging. It could also be used for positioning mobile devices (ships, people, cars and goods).

In the four day display, GPS solar tracker as a new energy product, became the highlight of the exhibition. At the same time, it also attracted the great attention and appreciation of the domestic and foreign businessmen. Many customers had consulted in detail at the scene, and hoped to cooperate deeply through this opportunity. Some businessmen also made a fair proposal for our product updates, which will be of great help to our further product development. This exhibition, we  cooperated with many customers at home and abroad, and also through this exhibition friendly exchanges with our peers to share the latest industry trends, develop international perspective.